Auxiliary Infeed

Pak 2000 carries a full line of scales, counters and conveyors as well as combination products.
Ultra-Count™ Series Vibratory Bowl Parts Counter Whether you need to package individual pieces or kits, count fasteners, medical parts, electronics or other components with the Ultra-Count Series Counter, the UC-2400 provides the flexibility and speed ... view video
Ultra-Scale™ Series Model US-2000 This semi-automatic, bench-top, checkweigh scale is perfect for spot checking bags to ensure the contents. Or use it to check the weight of bags, cartons or other packaging containers. Low, target and ... view video
Ultra-Scale™ Series Model US-4000 Ultra Scale for checking/weighing offers an exceptional performance for dependability and accuracy for all of your check-weighing applications. The rotary stepper feed operation is designed for applications ... view video
Ultra-Scale™ Series Model US-5000 When fast changeover is more important than automation, our US-5000 "Flip" Scale is the solution!

Automatic scales typically require longer setups and are designed for longer runs. But the ...
view video
Ultra-Scale™ Series Model US-5500 Take kit packaging to a new level! The semi-automation that kit packagers demand has never been easier to use with the addition of partitions and LED lights on the traditional load table. The lights signal ...
Ultra-Scale™ Series Model US-6000 Conveyor Check-W The US-6000 Check-Weigh Conveyor Scale offers exceptional accuracy and reliability for continuous-feeding applications. Check-weigh bags, cartons, and finished goods to detect and discharge out of range ...
Ultra-Scale™ Series Model US-7000 Automatic Net-We An automatic feeding solution for fasteners, injection molded components, foods or any other bulk products, this net-weigh scale is accurate to .01 lbs. Double production with our dual scale head design ... view video
Ultra-Scale™™ Series Model US-8000 Combi Scale Use 14 Scales at Once for Non-Stop Precision Counting! US-8000 Combi Scale brings speed and accuracy to your packaging line. It can be used for virtually any hardware, fastener, electronics, toys or ... view video
Ultra-Scale™ Series Model US-9000 Vibratory Bowl N Ultra-Scale™ Series Model US-9000 Vibratory Bowl Net-Weigh, Counting Scale

For precision counting of parts that do not separate or run through a parts counter, the US-9000 is the solution. Parts ... view video

UF-2000 Incline Conveyor Flat-to-Incline conveyor transports loose or packaged product to table height. You specify the conveyor width and length along with cleat specifications.

UF-3000 Hopper/Incline Conveyor Further automate your production or packaging operations with incline conveyors designed to transport bulk product from floor heights. This system includes a proximity sensor (scale or hopper) and is also ... view video
UF-5000 Cleated Compartment Infeed Conveyor With the UF-5000 you can, set the production speeds for guaranteed packaging results, or set the pace rate for operators. Package faster, easier and safer. You can also feed multiple compartments continually ...