Ultra-Scale™ Series Model US-4000

Ultra Scale for checking/weighing offers an exceptional performance for dependability and accuracy for all of your check-weighing applications. The rotary stepper feed operation is designed for applications requiring faster check-weighing speeds.

Standard Features:

  • 32 Color Touch Screen
  • Weight/Photo Eye, Manual or Automatic modes of operation
  • 96 Job Saves
  • 100 weighment history with accuracy graphs
  • Automatic zeroing function
  • Painted tubular frame construction

Optional Accessories:

  • Infeed conveyor to feed scale
  • Exit, incline conveyor

Description US-4000
Weignt 250lbs
Dimensions 36" x 36" x 48"
/Load Height 42"
Load cell 10 kg. Live weight
Accuracy Up to .001 lbs
Electric 115V/60Hz
FLC 10amps
FLC 1.5 amps
Air 40psi
Scale Controller, Rotary Drum, Accumulation Funnel, Manual, One Year Parts Warranty Included