Ultra-Scale™ Series Model US-5000

When fast changeover is more important than automation, our US-5000 "Flip" Scale is the solution!

Automatic scales typically require longer setups and are designed for longer runs. But the US-5000 sets up in seconds. Just slide any "sample" quantity in the load tray, key in your quantity, press the count button and you're finished.

  • A digital averaging program combined with 16,000,000 internal counts delivers high accuracy and stability.
  • Variable sampling, automatic zeroing, keyboard calibration and multiple modes are all standard scale controller features.
  • A large stainless steel table with side walls is provided to store or sort products for loading.
  • All contact surfaces are stainless steel (optional wash down retrofit package available.)
  • Count readout up to 50,000 pieces or weight readout in pounds, kilograms or grams.
  • Fast display update speed
  • Readout and weight update rate is 10 times per second.
  • Integration-ready for the T-1000 Advanced Poly-Bagger.
  • Need more product immediately available to the operator? Then add a vibratory bulk supply hopper with proximity or leveling switch to automatically refill the tabletop.
  • Specifications:
    Description US-5000
    Weignt 153lbs
    Dimensions 44" x 45" x 42"- 62" (adj. height)
    /Load Height 38"- 49" (adj. height)
    Scale Load Tray 4.5" x 10" x 4" height**
    Load Cell 5- 50 lbs.
    Accuracy Up to .001 lbs.
    Electric 110/220v, 60/50Hz
    FLC 1.5 amps
    Air .5cfm/40psi
    Scale Controller,Tabletop/Load Tray, Discharge Funnel, Manual, One Year Parts Warranty, One Year Parts Warranty Included
    **Tray can be larger to suit volume and size of product